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GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device

GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device

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React instantly to ambush with this 50M instant stunt self-defence device!

VoltStrike has provided trusted protection for over 46000 users! See why this is your best guardian in danger:  

A Self-Defence gadget that you can reach for instantly in face of danger - simply insert into your phone for a quick protection!

The GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device is a compact and potent self-defence tool made to provide you with a trusty save and the least reaction time possible, effortlessly converting your phone into a powerful 50 million-volt stun device with unmatched protection in a discreet and unobtrusive design. It functions as the ideal, inconspicuous self-defence weapon that you can easily carry in your pocket.

 Featuring 50,000,000-Volt Output

Boasting an impressive output of fifty million volts, this powerful stun device will be able to convert the provided electricity in your phone and keep your ambusher down while you ran to your safety. This powerful device can be easily connected to your charging dock for a discreet protection in any situation.

How Does GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device Works?

 GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device is designed to debilitate your ambusher with a high voltage, but non-lethal amount of shock, allowing you more time to protect yourself or head to safety in dire situation. Our Phone Stun devices offer individuals a way to enhance your reaction time and reduce the need to seek for your self-defence unit in emergency. GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device devices are compact and easy to carry, making them your perfect choice for a trustworthy guardian in dangerous situations. 

 Rapid Activation to Ensure Prompt Protection

In order to provide you with an instant and dependable method of self-protection, the GFOUK™️ VoltStrike Phone Stun Device is designed to assure instant activation in grave circumstances. Simply long press the power button on your phone to activate the stun function.

Advanced Debilitating Electric Shock

Our device delivers an intense electric shock, debilitating your attacker in a mere 0.01 milliseconds without any delay. With the power enough to penetrate up to 2cm of clothes, rest assure that your attacker will be stopped in their way before they make their move. The electric shock is tested to have its stun power without causing permanent harm or danger to one's life, keeping effectiveness and safety at the perfect equilibrium.

Bluetooth Connect Activation

With intuitive Bluetooth connection design, our device ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of security without the worry of unintentional triggers. You may choose freely when to or when not to activate its stun power, so accidental activation will never take place and you can carry it safely without worry. 

Universal Phone Compatibility

GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device now comes with three different plug designs, compatible with all mobile phones, tailored to all of your safety needs.

What Makes GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device a Great Self Defense Tool?

  • Non-Lethal Debilitating Electric Shock
  • Reduce Reaction Time In Face of Danger
  • Discreet and Well-disguised Self-Defence
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Bluetooth-activated Safety Lock
    • Your Trusty Guardian

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    Usage Direction

    1. Plug-In

    • Attach the GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device to the charging port of your smartphone

    2. Bluetooth Connection

    • Activate your phone's Bluetooth. Then, pair your phone with the GFOUK™️ VoltStrike 50m External Phone Stun Device. You should see a confirmation on your phone screen once it's successfully connected.

    3. Activating the Stun Function - Press the power button on your phone

    • To engage the stun feature, simply press the power button on your phone. It's designed to be a quick and accessible way to activate the device in urgent situations.

    Product Details

    Voltage Output: 50,000,000 Volts

    Compatibility: Universal compatibility (Type-c, Lightning, Micro USB)

    Material: Silicone(Cover), Titanium(Connect)


    Battery Life: Up to 400 activations or 12 months standby

    Colours: Silver & Grey

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